New Products Coming Soon!

The goal of the Krack-Pot growing system is to provide solutions to growers that span from the smallest to the largest growers.

Some think that growing in small glass containers has many limitations, but we are positioning to change that thinking and provide solutions that are innovative  and forward thinking.

The following new products are designed to enhance the growing experience from the novice to the professional and make it easier to grow amazing plants in small safe glass jars from 8oz to 128oz.

Pellet Light Shield:

  • Now Available
  • Covers the top of the pellet and Pellet Carrier to block the light so algae doesn't grow on the top of the rockwool or composted peat pellet.
  • The aperture design allow adjustment around the plant stem to block as much light as possible with out impeding seedling growth.
  • When closed it helps keep moisture and warmth in to promotes seed germination.
  • Designed to work specifically with Krack=Pot Pellet Carriers.

Universal 32oz/64oz Krack-Pot kit

  • Now available
  • Can be used with 32oz or 64oz wide mouth mason jars.
  • Can allow so be used as a local distribution reserve.
  • Provides all the functionality of the Original Krack-Pot

Local Nutrient Reservoir Kit: 

  • Now available as the Universal 32oz/64oz Krack-Pot kit.
  • Provides the ability to add a local nutrient reserve that automatically feeds the original Krack-Pot. 
  • Can be easily added or removed.
  • Can be used to connect to multiple Krack-Pots at the same time.
  • Allows monitoring of nutrient level so rate of uptake can be determined.
  • Allows for multiple reserves to be connected together. This extends the time of the replenishment cycle.
  • Eliminates the need for heavy tubs or buckets.

Gravity Feed Large Reserve Connection Kit:

  • Now Available
  • See YouTube video->
  • Connects to large reservoir for the purpose of extending the replenishment cycle that allows for long periods of time when the plants maybe unattended. 
  • Can be feed by gravity (no electricity required) or by powered pumps.
  • With a properly timed pump it can provide the equivalent of an ebb and flow system that can help stimulate plant growth.
  • Can be used to feed local reservoirs that branch out to multiple plants or it can feed a group of 4 Krack-Pots directly.

One Gallon Universal 32oz/64oz/128oz Krack-Pot Kit

  • Coming Soon
  • Provides a "wider mouth" Gallon Glass jar with light shield and mounting component that will work with the Universal Kit.
  • Allows easy propagation of plant from smaller containers.

AeroGarden Adapter:

  • When plants out grow the AeroGarden they can easily be propagate to a Krack-Pot system that can make the plant flourish.


Stay Tuned, There is More to Come ...