Features and Benefits

If Used Indoors to Grow:
  • Grow Year Round
  • No Pesticides
  • No Herbicides
  • No Squirrels, Rabbits, Deer, or Insects
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Well Suited for Urban Apartment Dwellers or The Basement Green House
  • Space and Light Efficient Compared to Buckets and Tubs
  • Lite Weight Easy to Lift Compared to Heavy Buckets and Tubs
  • Easy To Move and Position for Efficiency
  • Works In Small to Large Mason Jars (depending on plant size)
  • Less Mess Than Other Hydroponic Methods
  • No Pumps, Aerators, or Complicated Plumbing Required.
  • Passive Replenishment From Optional Gravity Feed Reservoir System 
  • Self-Feed for Many Days When Connected to a Larger Reservoir 
  • Can Operate Off The Grid
  • Easily Start Seeds or Clone Cuttings
  • Plants Typically Grow Faster, Stronger, and Healthier
  • Easy Pruning for Plants Like Lettuce, Which Will Keep Producing
  • Clean Modern Look, Could be Used as Center Piece or Vase
  • Clay Pellets Not Needed

Other Unique Features:

  • Easy Fill Ports on the Split Carriers for Adding Nutrients
  • Easy Fill Adapter Provided for a Garden Spray
  • Easy Fill Port Can Connect to a Passive Automatic Fill System
  • Easy Fill Port Can Connect to Local Reserves For Plants That Have Large Nutrient Uptakes. No Power Required!
  • Optional: Simulate an Ebb and Flow System to Simulate Plant Growth
  • Integrated Light Shields Prevent Growth of Algae and Bacteria in Nutrients
  • New Aperture Light Shield for to block light from pellet or plug. 
  • No Need for Aluminum Foil, Paint or Other Make Shift Light Blocking Materials
  • When Securely Attached to a Mason Jar the Split Carriers Lock Together to Allow For Attaching Plant Supports or Trellises Needed to Support Large Plants.
  • All Carriers Split (Krack) for Safe and Easy Removal of Plant and Roots for Transplanting, Propagating, or Harvest.
  • Components Clean Up in Warm Soapy Water or white vinegar (for nutrient/mineral deposits) 
  • Carriers  Can Be Adapted For Other Hydroponic Methods

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