Easy Fill Adapter Setup

The Easy Fill Adapter can be attached to a common garden sprayer that would typically be 1 gallon, 2 gallon or 3 gallon in capacity.  Using the adapter allows the garden sprayer to be used for hydroponic nutrient mixing and application.

The first step is to remove the sprayer wand or nozzle from the hand control valve.

 The next step is to stretch the black rubber latex tubing over the end of the nozzle threads as shown below.


 The final step is to secure the black rubber tubing to the sprayer handle with the provided zip tie. The zip tie should be centered over the threaded area and tightened. Then trim the excess from the zip tie.


 To add hydroponic solution to the Krack-Pot, simply insert the clear end of the adapter into one of the four access ports. Push the tubing in far enough so it will not fall out.  It should be snug.

 Press down on the valve control and as long as the sprayer has been pumped sufficiently the hydroponic solution should fill the Krack-Pot. Make sure to monitor level as you fill, so you do not overfill.



(Also see YouTube video)