Basics for Getting Started

Using the Kratky hydroponic method can speed the growth of a young seedling and shorten the time from germination to transplanting by as much as 50%. This should be taken into account when planning to transplant  from indoors to outdoors.

Required components not provided:

  1. Water adjusted to a pH of 6.0  (pH Tester Recommended)

  2. Hydroponic solution based on pH 6.0 water (See Manufactures Recommended Mixing Ratios )

  3. Warm area for sprouting seeds – about 75 F.

  4. Paper towels to sprout seeds – See Optional Quick Sprout Method.

  5. Plastic Container with lid – See Optional Quick Sprout Method.

  6. Clinging Plastic wrap

  7. Sun or Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

  8. Seeds or Plant Cuttings

  9. Garden Sprayer - 2 Gal. Recommended (For Easy-Fill of Krack-Pot)

  10. Masking tape and marking pen to label plants – a must to keep track of different plant varieties.

  11. Rock Wool Pellets - 1.5 inch Cubes  (one pellet initially provided as part of kit)
  12. Scissors


Krack-Pot Setup:

  1. Place a split Krack-Pot pellet carrier upside down on a firm flat surface.

  2. Place a rockwool pellet or Rapid Rooter plug upside down on top of 3 quarter (used for spacing the medium) and snap both sides of the Krack-Pt pellet  carrier on to the medium. If the plant to be grown is large or will produce heavy fruit,  two toothpicks can be inserted through the provided holes and through the pellet/plug to help prevent the pellet/plug from pushing through the carrier. 

  3. Create a small opening in the top of the pellet about ¼ inch deep with a round toothpick.

  4. Using the wet toothpick transfer the seed or seedling to the opening.

  5. If seed has sprouted, carefully position the seeding with the exposed root downward in the hole.

  6. Fill the wide mouth mason jar half way with water that has a pH of about 6.0. This step reduces the initial solution strength for the seedling.

  7. Place the pellet carrier into the Krack-Pot mount carrier which is mounted on the jar.

  8. Continue to fill the jar with hydroponic solution so the bottom ¼ of the rock wool pellet is covered. This provides a 50% solution mix for starting the seedling.

  9. Place the mason jar with mounted carriers into the Light Shield tube.

  10. Cover the top of the pellet carrier with clear plastic wrap to seal in the humidity or use a Aperture Light shield to cover.

  11. Place Krack-Pot in a well lighted area so the top surface will warm slightly.

  12. A 1200 watt (120w actual if LED) full spectrum grow light tied to a timer set for 14hrs on and 10hrs off works very well. The light should be about 24 inches above the top of the Krack-Pot.

  13. A southern exposure to the sun works well also.

  14. Check hydroponic level regularly. Add solution if needed.

  15. After roots penetrate the rock wool pellet and grow deeper into the container the solution level should drop and stay below the bottom of the pellet. This allows the plants “air roots” to develop. This level can vary based on type of plant.


Optional: Quick Sprout - Seedling on wet paper towel in sealed container

  1. Fold Paper Towel at least 4 times

  2. Place in plastic container

  3. Add water until soaked and a about ¼ inch of water in bottom of container

  4. Use a wet toothpick to place seeds about 1 inch apart on top of paper towel which is not under water.

  5. Cover and seal container with lid or plastic wrap to keep humidity in.

  6. Place container in a warm location (75F to 80F), at this point light is not required.

  7. Check daily for sprouting seeds. (Lettuce can sprout as quick as 24hrs.)

  8. When seedling has sprouted move to rock wool pellet. (See Krack-Pot Setup)


YouTube Videos On Above Topics Coming Soon.