New Universal 32oz/64oz Krack-Pot Kit - Best Price Around!

Purple Kale

Easy, Clean, Organic

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Grow Large Organic Plants Year Round

Krack-Pot provides greater stability to larger plants like kale, peppers, and larger varieties of tomatoes. Mounting points for supports are integrated in to the pellet and mount carriers. A red support mounted to the pellet carrier can be seen above.

Integrated Light Shield

The Light Shield blocks the light from reaching the nutrients in the mason jar so that algae and other growths don't hamper the health of the plants roots.

Safely Releases Plant When Transplanting, Cloning, or Propagating

The most unique feature of the Krack-Pot is the ability to split in half to easily and safely release the plant without root damage, This is very important when trying to transplant larger plants with large mature root systems.

Easy Cleanup and Reuse

The mount carrier and pellet carrier (seen above split) are made of safe PETG food grade plastic, that can be cleaned with warm soap and water and reused.

Easy-Fill Adapter And Port

An Easy-Fill Adapter is provided that adapts to a garden sprayer. When pushed firmly into the fill port on the mount carrier hydroponic nutrients and water can be added cleanly without any mess.

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